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Amusing Art

Why not brighten up your surroundings with one of these amusing posters and photos.

Cave Woman
If women ruled the world !

If there's anybody here who knows why these two should not be wed...

What happens on your desk at night.

Why do superheroes never have kids ?

Lost Puppy
Put out the reward posters, my puppy is lost !

Menu Enhancements
Shots of a new menu available for the workers out there.

Microsoft Keyboard
Marketing shot of Microsofts new keyboard for Windows 2000.

Scaredy Cats
Quite a scare in anybodies books !

Office Assistant
Screen shot of the new Microsoft Office 2000 Assistant hard at work.

If you though the above assistant was bad check this one out !

Ever been caught sneakin' a quick one in the barn.

Dog Bite
Why not to let the dog sleep on the bed.

Cows Revenge Bite
Oh No - not the milking machine !

Come on girls - loose those pounds !

Even the deaf can have fun !

Perfect Male
What would your perfect male be like ?

Word Options
Screen shot of the new Microsoft Word 2000 options dialog.

Lunchtime Drinking
Ever had a bit too alcohol much during those pub lunches.

Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown as you have never seen him before.

Puppy Love
These puppies come as a pair and new owners should be willing to hug, kiss and rub faxces with them at all hours of the day.

Death By Viagra
What a way to go. Nobody said it was this potent.


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