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Welcome to all new visitors
Welcome to the home of all things silly. Why not browse around and have a laugh. Go on enjoy yourself and then tell your friends.
Overcome the stresses of life, do something silly every day.

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Joke of the day
A new 'joke' every day of the year. Also check out the new Joke Jukebox, easily view all your favorite jokes!

The Dynamic HTML games section uses the latest browser technologies to bring arcade quality games to your browser. If you have either NetScape 4 or Internet Explorer 4 browsers be sure to give them a go.

Amusing Art
Check out these amusing pictures. Make sure to view the 'Puppy Love' picture.

Desk Mates
Bring your desktop to life with some of these amusing desktop mates !

Urinal Etiquette
A new meaning to toilet humor !

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Tons of riddles
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Forget Star-Wars, The X-Files and such, all we need to know is:
Are there Aliens out there? and if so, do they have ray-guns?"


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